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This work is the second book in which the outputs of “High Schools Know Their Intellectuals”, the most rooted and ongoing project of Tiryakizade Social Enterprise, are shared.

In order to provide positive method contributions to the reading habits of our youth with the “Conceptualized Reading & Academic Writing Project in High-Schools”;
- Special attention is paid to concept scanning while performing the act of reading,
- A map of the concepts used by the author whose books are read is drawn,
- The hierarchy of use of the concepts and the bibliography they are based on are taken into consideration, and the intellectual wealth is tried to be perceived regarding the period in which the central concepts were nurtured and nurtured,
- The use of the central concepts of the relevant author by other intellectuals of the same period is also examined, so the opportunity to make period analysis is obtained
- Taking into account the comparative use of concepts, an analytical perspective is tried to be gained
- At the end of a reading and review process that facilitates the transition to writing, texts suitable for further expansion are created, based on the author's central concepts,
- In this way, it is ensured that the concepts find an important place in the life of thought and that the intellectual activities become permanent by ensuring their use in the text.
Our effort is the effort of transforming knowledge into action and generating new knowledge from action, thanks to young minds.


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