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This work is the first book in which the outputs of “Conceptualized Reading & Academic Writing Project in High-Schools”, the most established and ongoing project of Tiryakizade Social Enterprise, are shared.

The “Conceptualized Reading & Academic Writing Project in High-Schools” consists of an effort to make young generations work on conceptual continuity, with the belief that continuity in the lives of societies and nations can exist and enrich with the continuity of language and cultural life fed by concepts. Our effort is to see the concept history area of ​​our history as a whole, to understand and to understand the shape of our recent history through the impact and contribution of the power of the concepts that shape the life of society on the concepts that have started to gain importance in the new era. The interest and contribution of the young people who participated in the project over the course of four years contributed greatly to both the development of the project and the elimination of the deficiencies in the perspectives of us coordinating the project. Thanks to the pleasure, desire and self-confidence of young people attending high school level, our project has also moved to the universities they attend. We believe that it will continue to develop and grow in the coming years. The growth of our humble journey by taking root like a plane tree.


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