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This project was implemented by the Odunpazarı Women's Development and Culture Association under the title of “If the Woman Strengthens, the Family Strengthens”, within the scope of the Prodes Projects of the Department of Associations of the Ministry of Interior.

This project was carried out in order to contribute to the social and economic integration of immigrants (refugees) through women, who are the main pillars of the family during their stay in Eskişehir. It was aimed to improve the living standards and accelerate the integration process by reaching their families by developing women socially and professionally. In line with this purpose, more than 400 refugee women were given vocational training for employment and social integration. If the woman changes, the family changes, and if the woman becomes stronger, so the family. A contribution was made for immigrant women to believe in this empowerment philosophy. Social and technical support was given to the trainees who benefited from the training programs, aiming to lead a life worthy of human dignity during their stay in Eskişehir and to start life with gains, not with losses when they return to their countries. This report presents a sample of the products taught by master trainers to the trainees as a file study including the model, mold and production stages, to the discretion of the readers. Hope it will be liked
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