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This book has been presented to the reader as a result of the “Do not Be Addicted, Connect with Life” Project carried out by Eskişehir Drug Fighting and Rehabilitation Association and supported within the scope of the “PRODES” projects of the Department of Internal Affairs.

The drug problem remains a serious threat to the whole world. Especially with the widespread use of synthetic drugs, the dimensions of the drug problem and the risk it poses have increased. With the widespread use of synthetic drugs, the phenomenon of low-priced and easily accessible drugs has emerged. This situation increased the risk of our country and countries with similar characteristics, and created the obligation to look at the problem in a holistic, coordinated and multi-directional way and to struggle. It is not possible for us to see this problem only as a problem for those affected by drugs and their relatives. We cannot define the efforts to prevent drug use and its related negative situations as a function that can only be performed by public institutions. We have to realize that we are faced with a problem that all elements of a society must be involved in and must struggle together.


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