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This book aims to convey the five-year adventure of ‘Kıraathane, which can be called the heart or incubation of Tiryakizade Social Enterprise, with photographs, memories collected from friends, projects and activities.

Kıraathane provided a source and inspired the creation of a model that is rare in Turkey. Holding on to these roots, the model branched out and turned into a multi-angle social enterprise. Kıraathane is a workplace with high added value that can identify social problems, work towards the systematic solution of these problems, and create young people with high social awareness and academic sensitivity.

The aim of Tiryakizade is "to bring together the reader with the book, the reader and the reader, the narrator and the listener, those who can speak with concepts and those who want information". Tiryakizade has prioritized contributing to the intellectual processes of the group he addresses in all the projects and studies he has produced or participated in, starting from the point of "bringing together", being able to write-read-listen critically, and support individuals who can understand their age and shape the future.


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