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Conceptualized Reading & Academic Writing Project in High-Schools


Duration: September 2014- ongoing

Grant: All the activities held voluntarily. No grants.

Institution: Ministry of Education

Project Details: The concepts of “conceptualized reading” and “academic writing” are the essentials of this project. Conceptualized reading is a way of in-depth analysis of a concept through writers and books. This method can be used in conceptual comparisons between authors, as well as in drawing a single author’s concept map from a single book. For instance, a student wants to analyze the concept of “globalization”, s/he can either focus on only one book or search for many different writers’ opinions and explanations.

This project lasts for six months during the school year in 8 different high-schools in Eskişehir/ Turkey. The project team consisting of 8 academicians/ supervisors, eight high-school teachers, 48 students each year. The commission of the project gets in touch with mentors from high-schools and universities. Each high-school has two mentors (one is an academician, the other is a teacher from their school). After books are distributed to the schools, each high-school starts their weekly reading and writing sessions for four months. In the end, high-school students writing their papers within the framework of academic rules and present their paper in a symposium. This project aims to familiarize high school students with academic reading and writing methods. In total, 240 students and over 40 symposiums were realized. High schoolers experienced reading and writing according to academic rules. As an outcome of this project, three books (Books: 1, 2, 3) were published in Turkish.