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Do not be Addicted, Connect with Life (Turkish Original: Bağımlı Olma, Hayata Bağlan)


Duration: December 2017-December 2018

Grant: 21.000 Euro

Institution: Ministry of Interior

Project Details: In this project, a field study was conducted, including 1531 surveys and 43 interviews under the supervision of academics. The project aimed to examine the social perception of drugs, addiction coping strategies of people, how to define them, and perceptions of government policies. Some of the results of the project as following:

- Participants do not know the concepts of addiction, addictive behaviors, and the predictors of addiction.

- Participants know that society stigmatizes and excludes the addicted people from the community, but they do not determine any responsibility for themselves.

- Participants think they are not informed about addiction prevention programs, treatment, and monitoring opportunities and policies regarding struggling against addiction to the government. 

As an outcome of this project, a book with the same name was published in Turkish.